Wykamol - Market leader in property renovation and repair

For over 80 years the Wykamol Group has been the market leader in the field of property renovation and repair.

Starting way back with their founder devising a chemical treatment for the eradication of insect attack in timber, their product range has evolved and grown to become the broadest range of property repair and renovation solutions under one umbrella anywhere in the UK. Their unrivalled range includes products for use in basement waterproofing, damp treatment, gas proofing, wood preservation and protection, cellar conversions and tanking.

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Unrivalled Range of Products

As one of the only remaining TRUE British Manufacturers, they pride themselves on sustainability of supply and providing exceptional quality for a wide range of products. Wykamol is the only manufacturers of Cavity Drain Membranes in the UK, using state-of-the-art technology to ensure affordability and high grade.