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Type C waterproofing

Type C waterproofing is a system for installing structured with drainage protection. In other words, the installation of a cavity of a cavity drain system. Often used for cellars and basements but increasingly used in new builds. The reason that drainage protection is needed is that water pressure from outside can affect the structure. Although external walls will provide resistance, water can get into the building if there are any weaknesses in the structure.

Type C waterproofing ensures that any structures below ground level, e.g. basements are protected from water getting in. The surface of the structure both walls and floors are covered with a cavity membrane and the installation of a drainage system will allow water to be channelled safely away. So, if water does enter the property, there will be no damage to the structure or contents. Looking for Cavity Drainage Systems in Elstree – give us a call on 075 1924 4895.

Type C Cavity Wall Waterproofing

Cavity wall waterproofing systems are normally used for basement conversions or repairs. This type of waterproofing may be needed in addition to Type C Waterproofing in certain cases.

Type C Cavity Drainage Systems

Cavity drainage systems provides long term protection for your property and usually don’t require any external changes to the property. Especially suitable for converting your cellar to make more living space, it is also used in areas which are liable to flooding providing protection and peace of mind.

Cavity Drain Membranes in Elstree

Cavity Drain membranes protect the structure when water enters. The water is drained away to an evacuation point, stopping it creating pressure on internal walls. The gap between the wall and the membrane allows excess water to drain away down the cavity. This air gap also helps the area to dry out if water has entered the building.

We offer a wide selection of waterproofing materials for all types of jobs. Whether you need to be indoors or facing the elements outdoors, we can help you find the correct solution.

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cavity drainage membranes

We offer a wide selection of damp proof membranes in Elstree. Whether you need to be indoors or facing the elements outdoors, we can help you find the correct solution. Selecting products from a well-known brand offers some peace of mind. And choosing materials recommended by another professional who knows your line of work and its challenges – is another type of guarantee. So if you’re looking for damp proof membranes in Elstree, get in touch today.

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